The Powerful Smile

Everyday it seems that we hear something negative in the news. If it’s not an unarmed black man being shot, it’s the threat of ISIS imposing their will on the other side of the world. The media would paint the picture that the world is heading to hell.
I decided to post the reality that I see everyday. The reality that give me hope for a better tomorrow. I wanted people on Twitter and Instagram to see something that would change the color of their mood rings. A smile! There’s nothing more innocent than children smiling at you. Children’s smile show no hate, no worries, just happiness.

I’m hoping my pictures makes those who view my post smile with joy and feel good about life. Joy and happiness is what we all need to get throu b these trying times.

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I think I saw my daughters imaginary friend

The other night I heard my wife scream out “Oh my God” while holding her phone. Out of
curiosity I got out of my chair to see what she upset about. My wife asked me to check out a selfie that my daughter had taken of herself in my wife’s phone. The picture actually  startled me too. For a minute I was freaked out and really couldn’t come up with an explanation.
My daughter had taken a picture of herself, but there was another face in the picture looking over her shoulder. It was her face. My wife immediately assumed there was a ghost or spirit In the house. Which by the picture seemed correct. I shook out of my fright and immediately suggested that the camera on her phone probably stacked two photos on top of eachother. That’s the story we’re sticking with.

I’ll tell you the crazy part about the whole photo situation. My daughter is always in her room playing with her imaginary friend. I’m wondering if her friend wanted us to know that she’s got my daughters back. For the record, I really belive it was the camera on the phone.


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Sweet and innocent

I think having kids in my 30’s is going to be the death of me,. My 4 year old daughter said something at the dinner table that jumped my mind 13 years into the future.

So, we are sitting at the table having a family dinner and out of nowhere my daughter says,” There’s a boy at school  named Nathaniel and all the girls like him.”
What (whut)!!!!!
My wife chimes in and asks my daughter, “why do all the girls like Nathanial?”
My 4 year old little princes replies back “Because he has nice hair”.
What (whuutttt)!!!!!
I think at that point I put  my fork down and looked at my daughter and echoed words I’ve heard before. “You need to think about school and not some boy named Nathaniel.”
My daughter came back and dropped the hammer on me. She replied with, ” I can’t, there’s something that’s getting in me and I can’t stop thinking about him.”
I was speechless. There was nothing I could come back with. I looked over at my wife and saw that the smile on her face was supporting this craziness.

She’s 4 people! What in  the world is going on. Who is this Nathaniel kid and what class can we get him transfered to? How in the world am I going to make it 13 more years of hearing about her thinking about boys. Craziness!Honeywell – QuietCare UV Tower 3-Gallon Humidifier – Black


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Good old me

The other day I was sitting in the family room and caught a glimpse of reflection off the back door. What I saw was scary. There sat a 39 year old man with dress shoes and tight grey jogging pants on. I even saw a side of rolls showing through my smeadium tee shirt. At that point I realized that I had turned into my father.

The reflection in the window startled me. Who is that man, was my first thought. Then I realized that fatherood had caught me with my guard down. After so many years of being the hip husband/dad, the old man in me showed his ugly face. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared if old age. I’m just not ready for old men ways at 39.

Jesus take the wheel

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The little engine that could

the little engine that could

the little engine that could



Have you ever compared your children to a train? Both are fast and full of energy with unlimited destinations.
I took this picture of my daughter in front of the train because it reminds me that she’s a child living in a fast pace world. Yet, she has no fear and is ready to absorb the world and what it’s going to throw at her.
She’s truely my locomotive ready to hit the tracks of life.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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